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Get a cloud-delivered Windows desktop on any device

What is a Hosted Desktop?
With a SimplyClouds Hosted Desktop, you can move your entire PC to the cloud. It looks and feels just like your traditional Windows desktop, right down to your wallpaper and shortcuts, but you can access it over the Internet as a virtual desktop. Rather than tying you to your office desktop system, our Hosted Desktop as a Service (DaaS) gives you the freedom to remotely access your applications and files from any device – including tablets, smartphones, and other personal devices, in addition to your office desktop system – wherever you are in the world, 24/7.

Simple, Reliable, and Secure
Start a document on your office PC and pick up right where you left off on your laptop or tablet. Your files are always available in the cloud using our Hosted Desktop, making it perfect for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments. With 24/7 monitoring and iron-clad security, you can be assured that you Hosted Desktops are always available with 99.99% uptime. In fact, our Hosted Desktop reduces the need for IT staff or personnel, since it is self-healing and practically takes care of itself. 

Choosing the right Hosted Desktop
We have three Hosted Desktop versions to choose from.

  • Value Desktops are session-based, which means that they come pre-installed with a core set of applications, including Office 365.* You cannot install your own applications, but you can customize the look and feel, such as your wallpaper, desktop, and browser favorites. If you need an application installed, we'll be happy to "cloudify" it for you.** RAM and CPU resources are grid-powered, which means they are drawn from a pool of shared resources that are dynamically allocated and burstable depending on your workloads.
  • Standard Desktops are dedicated, which means that you can install your own applications, just like a traditional desktop, with dedicated RAM and CPU resources.
  • Performance Desktops are dedicated desktops with the highest level of performance, featuring higher amounts of dedicated RAM and CPU resources for your most demanding workloads.

All Hosted Desktops come with personal storage and optional shared storage for collaborating with others on documents and other files. 

How is a SimplyClouds Hosted Desktop different from others?
Powered by Citrix XenDesktop, the market leader in virtual desktop software with 120 million users worldwide, our Hosted Desktop is securely accessible even under high latency, low bandwidth conditions. You get the best possible experience and performance, because, unlike other providers who merely resell you someone else's Hosted Desktop, we built our solution from the  ground up using only the best-in-class technology, which we host in our SSAE 16 compliant data center. That means we have complete end-to-end control, from performance to security, to the user experience.

Hybrid Cloud - for when you still need access to on-premises apps
For some businesses, moving completely to the cloud isn't possible. That may be the case if you must keep certain applications in house for performance or security reasons.  Unlike other DaaS offerings, a SimplyClouds Hosted Desktop with its exclusive Hybrid Cloud technology enables seamless access to both your applications that are still running on on-premise servers, as well as those in any cloud, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

* Requires Office 365 Office ProPlus, E3 or E5 plans 
** Professional Services fees may apply. Please contact us for more information.

SimplyClouds Citrix-Powered Hosted Desktop vs. the Competition

Hosted Desktop Powered by Citrix

Hosted Desktops based on RDS

Hosted Desktops based on VMware

Access to virtual Hosted Desktops

Access to virtual Hosted Apps 

Seamless Integration

Hybrid cloud ready for secure and seamless access to on-premise server and cloud apps

Automatic integration of Hosted Applications and Web apps into the Start Menu

Seamless access to local desktop applications 


Optimizes Windows apps for mobile touch and screen environments

User self-service password unlock and reset

Automated device configuration to access Hosted Desktop using the user's email address

Simple and consistent user experience on any device



Auto selects best connection path for fastest performance

Seamless windows, USB redirection, printing, or support for gestures and multi-touch on Chromebooks


Optimized performance even on long distance, limited bandwidth, high latency WAN connections with HDX (High Definition User Experience) technology

Near-native app performance on networks with high latency and high packet loss

Driverless and hassle-free printing from any device using minimal bandwidth




Built-in gateway for remote access

FIPS and Common Criteria Certified

Integrated, enterprise grade SSL VPN solution

Any Device
High Definition Delivery
Deliver applications to any device, anywhere

With Citrix XenDesktop, users can simply and securely access applications instantly with a consistent high-quality experience regardless of location or device.

Universal device support Users can instantly access virtual applications from whichever client operating system or device is most convenient—a desktop or laptop PC, Macintosh, thin client, and even mobile devices such as the iPhone.

Secure application access Users can securely access their corporate applications and data from any device, anywhere.

Receiver plug-ins A single, auto-updating client provides integrated desktop access to any application from any device or operating system. Administrators can control which plug-ins are available based on the services they provide to users.


Support Details

We are passionate about customer service. We offer 24/7 emergency support, and one-business day response for all other issues. Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time. 

Support Channels:

After-Hours Emergency Support

Emergency Support outside business hours is provided only for critical events that prevent you from accessing or using your services or data, or affect multiple users or services. After-hours emergency support is provided via the Marketplace Support Portal, email, and live chat.  When submitting an after-hours emergency support request through the Marketplace Support Portal or email, please make sure the subject line contains the words "urgent" or "emergency" for an immediate response. 

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